Mon. Sep 25th, 2023


New financial reports release showing that The Sims 4 is currently thriving and executives are proud of it’s growth and accomplishments for EA.

Engagement in our Sims franchise is also outperforming the market with content that resonates for a broad and diverse audience. We have a proven ability to grow successful long-term live services across our portfolio with ongoing engagement that drives resiliency, reoccurring revenue and lifetime value for our business.

Andrew Wilson – Electronic Arts Inc. – Chairman & CEO

They’re using games like the Sims to unleash their personal and creative autonomy, building characters and new stories with their friends. Delivering games that fuel creativity where players can join, compete and interact with each other through social and immersive experiences is an exciting growth lever for Electronic Art as we continue to expand and diversify our portfolio and build global online communities spanning more geographies. Games are the social networks of the future.

Andrew Wilson – Electronic Arts Inc. – Chairman & CEO

And for the Sims question, you mentioned, so we — one of my favorite things about the Sims business is how healthy and strong it is. We actually released game packs, content and expansion packs several a year. So we are persistently connected to our players in that community. And we are pretty excited about how strong and the size of this business after about 10 years, we’ve had the Sims 4 brand out. So this is something that we persistently put content into the player community, and we’ll continue to do that for the years to come.

Laura Miele – Electronic Arts Inc. – Executive VP & COO


By Matt Giordano

Sims-obsessed YouTube content creator & Twitch-partnered streamer from Maryland, USA

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