Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Unfortunately, there are yet again issues with the new kit(s) released today… Granted they are small issues, they are for sure part of a much larger pattern that shows no signs of stopping. Thankfully, multiple sim gurus have recognized the issues and passed them onto their respective teams, but that still doesn’t fix the much larger issue at hand. Quality Control.

The Sims Team is already back teasing more future content just mere hours since the release of two brand new kits! Global Community Manager, SimGuruFrost has changed his name to SimGuruREDACTED, and both he and SimGuruNova send eye emojis to a very cryptic post with glowing eyes trailing in the distance of a promo shot for the Little Campers Kit. What do you think could be coming to The Sims 4?


By Matt Giordano

Sims-obsessed YouTube content creator & Twitch-partnered streamer from Maryland, USA

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