Fri. Dec 8th, 2023

With this brand new Mod by JaneSimsten your sims can now have custom work schedules/hours tailored to YOU! Not happy with those 3 hours your sim may get working a part time job at fast food? Well now it’s possible your sims can work full-time, 9-5 flipping burgers if they so chose! This flexibility will provide players the freedom to tell more unique stories in their game as well as earn more/less money a day depending on what type of schedule is selected.


This mod must be unzipped and installed just like any other mod. Like all script mods, it cannot be placed any more than one folder deep in your mods folder. This mod will generate a folder for savedata from the mod – please do not delete this! It is a harmless bit of data that will allow your careers to persist when you reload your game.

How to Use:

To set custom work hours, simply click on your sim’s phone and choose “Ask To Change Work Schedule.” A series of notifications will pop-up which will allow you to specify which work hours you would like. If notifications don’t pop up immediately, try canceling what your sim is doing as sometimes the game gets distracted!

To return to original work hours, click “Return to Company Default Hours.” Warning: This will reset your work hours for all careers.

Known Bugs:

This is less a bug with the mod itself, but could arise: if you choose to delete this mod (or the savedata folder) after playing with custom hours, and your sim is currently at work when you save, when you reload the game, the sim will want to finish their currently scheduled shift, even though their hours have been reset to the original. Once your sim returns home, everything will be as it was before you installed the mod.

Other Notes:

This mod is fully compatible with TURBODRIVER’s multiple career mod. Want your Sim to work as a doctor by morning and criminal by night? Download Turbo’s mod at and use 5 Day Work Week to choose hours that won’t conflict!

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By Matt Giordano

Sims-obsessed YouTube content creator & Twitch-partnered streamer from Maryland, USA

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