Thu. Sep 28th, 2023

In my honest opinion, The Sims 4 in its launch/current state is stale, dull, and lifeless. Thanks to G-Shade and my TWO presets, you can brighten your game up and give it more life. The first preset “Pixelade Gameplay”, brightens up the game and enhances colors/contrast. The second preset “Pixelade Screenshot” does the same but also adds a depth of field shader. Backgrounds will be blurred and enhanced shadows will be drawn around objects/sims giving the game that “Disney cartoon” feel or a look similar to box art renders!


G-SHADE FAQ (& why it’s better than Reshade)

DOWNLOAD PIXELADE PRESETS (Gameplay + Screenshot/Machinima)

By Matt Giordano

Sims-obsessed YouTube content creator & Twitch-partnered streamer from Maryland, USA

7 thoughts on “How to Improve Graphics/Visuals for FREE!”
  1. I’m trying to download your presets, but it says it’s blocked because the file type can harm my computer. My computer literally will not let me download it. HELP! 🙂 Thanks!

    1. there should be an option to allow the file to download. you might have to press “more info” to find an option to allow it. it could also be your antivirus too. if you are comfortable doing so, you do have the option to disable it for a few minutes when you get the file downloaded then re-enable it after. ❤️

    2. Agree with Matt – you may want to disable your firewall long enough to get it downloaded too. Depending on the antivirus software you have, you could disable it but Windows has its own antivirus that sometimes gets in the way. Good luck!

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