Mon. Sep 25th, 2023

Yesterday’s FREE content drop was pretty big. We all love free stuff, but simmers are still waiting on fixes for the latest and almost-unplayable game pack ‘My Wedding Stories’. In the latest patch update for the game, a few things were fixed, but not enough to push the pack the state it shouldve been released in over a month ago. With march coming to a close, it’s likely we will begin seeing more fixes roll out over the coarse of April & May.

What Came With The Free Content Drop?

To start, the collaboration between The Sims and tattoosits previously announced is finally here. There are a handful of new tattoos available in-game now for all players free of charge.

A new hairstyle was also added to the game as well. The Sims Team calls this “New Sponge Curl Unisex”

We also have another scenario “Inspirational Mentor”, but keep in mind this is not permanenet. It’s running until April 25, 2022 but with a mod from Twisted Mexi can be made permanent.

Bonnets and Durags are also now available for both children and toddlers with additional fixes for adults in terms of masculine/feminine tags. The Sims team promised these fixes would come to us eventually, and as of this content drop, are now in your game.

Before we move into build/buy mode, the sims team has made a previously released toddler hairstyle (from the seasons exapnsion pack) available for FREE in the base game. This is a great addition for players who don’t own the pack!

In Build/Buy there is only ONE new asset. A painting titled “Imagine Landscape” priced at $275.

What are your thoughts on the latest sims delivery express from The Sims team? Are you happy with these new additions or would you rather see fixes and improvements to previously released paid DLC first?

By Matt Giordano

Sims-obsessed YouTube content creator & Twitch-partnered streamer from Maryland, USA

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